Security Gates

Belfast Security Systems has a dedicated team of gate contractors that are gate repair experts. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to fix any type of gate.

Sliding gate security plays an important part in securing our business and residential properties. Automation avoids the struggle with large and heavy gates, and the press of a button on a remote control allows access without having to leave the relative safety of our cars.

Sliding gate security does so much more than burglar alarms or household locks and bolts as it actually moves the first line of defense out to the perimeter of the property, rather than the front door or the glass in the windows.

Sliding gate security has been borne out of the necessity to economise space and to save time and energy. These gates provide convenience without compromising security and safety and when there is a power failure, the back-up battery allows these strong and sleek sliding machines to quietly continue their vigilant work.

For a property entrance requireing maximum security, a large sliding gate which is impossible to climb and which provides an impregnable barrier against intrusion is required. The homeowner or business owner may decide to use steel gates which match the style of the perimeter fencing in order to maintain consistency around the site.

All of these sliding gate security measures can be automated with heavy duty motors and control equipment to operate them in a variety of ways.

The motor and control equipment should be mains powered and protected from unqualified interference.

Belfast Security Systems, with their expert knowledge, can assist with the selection and installation of various types of automated gates.

All our work is guaranteed, and is always completed successfully, on time, and on budget.

We offer up simple and free estimates on gate installation and repairs.


gate maintenance

Motors & Openers

Electric motors operating gates are often quite exposed to the weather, and have a constant operational live.

While they do last a very long time, and give constant dedicated service, like everything else, they require periodic maintenance.

Belfast Security Systems have a team of qualified electricians capable of maintaining and repairing all electrical components associated with your gate or barrier equipment.

We also supply parts and components for all electrical gate motors and openers, from a variety of manufacturers.