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Gate Automation Frequently Asked Questions


Q – Can you supply me with new gates?

A- Yes! We have a portfolio of various styles, and using different materials. We can also hellp you design a unique gate style to suit your particular property. Gates can be designed for almost any size opening. Get a Quote  Contact Us for Information

Q – What safety features can be incorporated into the systems?

A- All the systems we install either include some safety features to prevent the gate from closing on a person or vehicle. Depending on the particular project, and the sophistication required, these safety features range from pressure and friction devices built in to t he motor, up to proximity sensors and infrared safety beams. The particular safety method used will depend on many factors, but be assured, that safety features are a high priority when Belfast Security Systems design gate systems.

Q – Is it possible to automate any gate?

A- Just about......   We install a large range of automation systems for both new and existing gate systems, so there are very few which cannot be automated. 

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Q - What is the difference between a slide gate, a swing gate and a boom gate?

A- Depending on the space available, and on the size of the opening,and other factors, some systems (slide / swiing / boom, are more appropriate than others.

A slide gate slides backwards and forwards to open or close, running along a track, where the motor gear engages with a toothed track on the gate and pushes it backwards and forwards. This is generally the most common style. Of course, there has to be enough space at the side of the opening to accommodate the full width of the gate when it is in the open position.

A swing gate can be either a single or double leaf gate system where each gate is hinged to a fixed point (eg a post, or a brick wall). An electric motor is attached to a ram mounted on each gate, and the motor operates the ram to open and close the gate.

A.  A boom gate is simply an arm (boom) which raises and lowers to allow access. The operating motor is contained in a self supporting box, to which the boom arm is also attached. Boom gates are commonly used where a lower level of security is required. These generally don't prevent pedestrian access (people can walk around or under the boom). 

Q – What is the advantage of underground motors?

A- Underground motors are often preferred because the motors are hidden out of sight and don't spoil the aesthetics of the gates.Underground motors are suitable for any type of swing gate, but are more often used on the smaller gates. The major benefit is that they are more aesthetically pleasing, with the bulky motor being hidden from view.

While they are weatherproof, and generally waterproof, they really shouldn't be used in areas which are prone to flooding. They are slightly more expensive than gate mounted systems and installation can take slightly longer because of the groundwork required.

Q – What if I have a particularly wet location?

A- All motors installed by Belfast Security Systems are built by the manufacturer to be weatherproof, and operate in all outside conditions. They are well sealed to prevent water ingress, but of course, adequate drainage should still be available, especially for underground motors. If an area is prone to flooding, we will advise on the best options available, but generally speaking, there should be no problems.

Q – What happens if the mains power goes out?

A- All gate motor systems have some form of manual release in the event of a power or system failure. Some systems have a battery backup and will continue to work for a period in the event of power outage.

Q – Can my gate be opened with other transmitters?

A- No. Remote transmitters are digitally encrypted and coded for specifically to your system.

Q – How do visitors access my property with an automatic gate?

A- The simplest way is to install an intercom system, or a doorbell. We can install a remote opener inside the property. Either of these can be hardwired, or wireless systems are available which generally have a range of around 100 metres. Other more sophisticated options are also available.

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