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Benefits of Automated Gates

There are many benefits of having Belfast Security Systems installing an automated gate system, ranging from the obvious one of added security, through to the visual appeal it will add to the property. The benefits are too many to list, but some of the more important ones would include the following:

Security – Perhaps the most obvious benefit of an automated gate is the additional security it provides. Automated gates require specific steps for opening and closing, which reduces the risk of unauthorised entry, and with two way intercom systems you can safely screen who is gaining access to your property.

Belfast Security Systems can also integrate additional security components into your gate system, suck as alarms, lights or a camera system. This gives you the opportunity to monitor the gate area on opening, by means of bells, lights or video feeds.

Make the first defense an intimidating one with a gate system to make entry more difficult for the unwanted 'visitor', yet remaining simple to operate for those welcome visitors to your property.

Child & Pet Safety - With children and pets, it goes without saying that extra care and safety precautions are required. An automated gate system provides this extra level of security, since the opening mechanisms are often beyond the capability of young children. Additionally, as only authorised people can open the gate, this provides added protection for the children and pets while playing in the front yard.

Convenience – While any gate will increase the security of your property, manual gates can be inconvenient. Automating your gate provides the convenience of hitting a button to open and close it, all without getting out of your car, or having to go to the gate to actually open or close it. With an added intercom on the gate, this convenience is more enhanced.

Property Value – Adding an automated gate system will clearly increase your property value. An automated gate system will make your home more appealing to future buyers, both from the street appearance, as well as the security point of view.

Street Appeal – The design and appearance of automated property gate systems can be matched with the overall property, providing a seamless and attractive frontage to your property.

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