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Gate Installation

Affordable gate installation is a specialty of Belfast Security Systems. We take great pride in installing the best gates at the best price for all Bel Air homeowners. Driveway gates, automatic gates, pool gates, garden gates, and gates for a variety of fences are what we do best. We have been in the gate industry for over 20 years and have installed a range of gates throughout the UK. Our gate installers match gates that bring out the best of the fence around your property.

Call us for an inquiry on wood gates, steel gates, aluminum gates and iron gates for your home or business. We know you will love our outstanding selection of gate styles and designs.

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Electric Gate Installation - Sliding or Swinging

Electric gates are incredible additions to any property. Electric gates are ideal for driveways and entryways. 

Belfast Security Systems gate installation service can have an automatic gate on your property in the quickest possible time, at the best cost, and with the very best service and aftersales attention.

Electric gates keep properties private and secure. We have a wide range of electric gates available for installation.

Our affordable prices make us an ideal choice for electric gate installation. For homes where space is limited,we recommend an electric sliding gate.

Electric sliding gates keep homes secure and private. Some of the popular electric gate installations are iron gates and aluminum gates. These gates are made to last and offer long lasting beauty and protection features. For homes with a bit more space, swing gates and dual swing gates are pleasing to the eyes and offer security, privacy and protection. Belfast Security Systems have experienced gate installers ready to bring an electric gate to your driveway and entrance.

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Commercial Gates - Sliding or Boom


Automatic sliding or boom gates are a traditional choice for traffic barrier and security gate applications, and still offer a cost effective solution where a high daily cycle rate is required - but where vandalism resistance and gate strength are not prime requirements.

Boom Gates can secure driveway widths ranging from 3-metres to 7-metres. In some circumstances, openings up to 8-metres can be secured with an automatic boom gate, although this is generally at a higher cost and with slower opening and closing times.

Sliding Gates can also secure driveway, with widths ranging from 3-metres to 12-metres.

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Metal Gates & Fence Rails

Belfast Security Systems is ready to install a metal gate that will last for many years. The gate installation professionals from Belfast Security Systems bring years of experience into the gate installation. Choose from iron, steel, aluminum and other metal gates. We can design a custom gate that your entire family will love.

Belfast Security Systems is a leading gate automation installer. We also service all areas.

We take our job seriously and aim to bring the best-looking gates to homes and businesses throughout the country.

With our exceptional gate installation services, it is easy to have a brand new gate on your property.

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Audio & Video Intercoms


Belfast Security Systems also installs a variety of intercom systems. These can be audio only, or audio/video. They typically permit occupants to open the gate to visitors.

They can also in some cases be integrated into smartphone applications.

These systems provide the ultimate in security for building occupants. Peace of mind for your property and its occupants.
You can also make a booking via our appointment bookings page, for one of our tecnicians to visit your site.