Belfast Security Systems



Some Of Our Services

Belfast Security Systems specialise in the design and installation of

  • security systems,
  • CCTV and DVR recording equipment
  • monitoring systems
  • alarm systems (fire and security), from a variety of suppliers, and in a variety of price ranges.

We also supply and install automated gates and components, some with security specifically in mind, and others for convenience and aesthetics.

Our services also include performing surveys on both security and fire preparedness.

In all of this, we cater for both the commercial and domestic markets, and with many years experience in this sector, we have an excellent reputation for top good quality products at a budget price (though the "budget" certainly does not mean cheap products. It is in our interests, as well as our customers, that the products and services we supply are of the very highest quality and functionality.

We are one of NI's premier security systems companies,specialising in systems for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and public premises. We have won multiple awards in the sector, and have earned a reputation for professional and reliable service to all customers.

With the necessary skills, experience and processes to provide you with a range of customised security solutions, tailored to your specific requirements, we can ensure professional service, and security and peace of mind for all our customers.

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Our Committment To Customers

Customer service and satisfaction is absolutely paramount, and is our top priority.

We have been providing camera surveillance, home & commercial alarm systems, and domestic & commercial access control for over a decade, and we have worked with countless satisfied customers in that time.

We are happy to help enhance the security of single and multi-family homes, office spaces, warehouses, restaurants, and more.

Our staff are competent, well-trained professionals who truly care about your safety and security. We are confident in our ability to help you with all of your security needs, and we have no qualms when it comes to offering free security consultations.


Custom Design Solutions

Belfast Security Systems can custom design a system to match your exact requirements.

Security and Monitoring

Camera surveillance offers you 24/7 peace of mind for your home or business, and are widely used as a deterrent to property crimes and to secure entry and access to specified areas within your premises.

It also provides the perfect complement and a valuable source of evidence in the case of a security breach.

As camera surveillance technology continues to improve, Belfast Security Systems continually update their knowledge of these security solutions as well.

Some of the more obvious benefits include:

  • Wireless and networked cameras which can take advantage of your wireless internet connection, providing you with instant alerts and monitoring capability, wherever you are (in the office, across town, at home, overseas).
  • You can check on your property from a computer, a tablet, your smartphone and other devices
  • Surveillance cameras with two-way microphone systems allow you to speak and listen through the camera in real time.

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Gates and Access Control

The entrance to your home or business begins at the driveway so why not create an exceptional first class impression by taking advantage of our custom designed and wide range of gates and automation equipment, including access control.

We supply and install gates for both domestic and commercial uses, from large driveway gates and railings systems to single sided gates.

Your individual requirements and your usage of the specific products will be considered before manufacturing commences and thus depending on these requirements the correct weight of components will be used.

We provide a no obligation design and quotation for any customers which will concentrate on individual requirements, and we will show case a range of solutions to our customers.

Our access control systems can include:

  • Telephone entry systems
  • Vehicular gate operators
  • Parking control products
  • Two-door entry level systems

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