Intercom Systems

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A simple Audio Intercom can be installed at your door or your gate.
To gain access your door or your gate can be released from the handset inside.
If you want to visually identify the caller needing entry, we can supply the very latest Video
Door Entry Systems.
If you require a wireless option we would recommend a GSM Intercom, this system works of a
sim card in the door or gate unit and will ring your phone when the call button is pushed, you can then release the door or gate by pressing a button on your phone.

There are much larger Door Entry Systems for office blocks and Industrial sites as well as residential
apartment blocks.
BSS have installed a large amount of these systems all over Ireland & UK.
The larger Door Entry Systems are more likely to be PC Based and are normally integrated with other security features in these buildings.
Access can be granted when a fob or card is swiped in front of a reader.

Biometrics are also widely used in Access Control Systems, these are fingerprint or Iris recognition
Obviously these forms of Identification are unique to the individual, so it works well.

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