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Alarm Systems Frequently Asked Questions


Q – What is SSAIB certification, and why is it important?

A Every SSAIB Certified business complies with a rigorous inspection programme on an annual basis, to retain their certification. This programme inspects the quality of installations and equipment used, and includes other aspects of the company's management processes, including security screening of staff.
As an SSAIB certified business, our customers are protected by a formal process administered by SSAIB.
Any SSAIB certified business which repeatedly fails to meet the required standards faces a formal disciplinary procedure, and can lose their certification for breaches.
SSAIB certification is so widely respected that many insurance companies will offer discounts to householders who use SSAIB Certified installers.
For commercial premises, many insurers now insist on having systems installed by SSAIB Certified installers before providing insurance cover.

Q: Can Belfast Security Systems service any brand of alarm system?

A Yes we can. Belfast Security Systems staff have experience with a variety of security alarm systems, so can maintain most systems.

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Q. Does Belfast Security Systems offer a guarantee on their work?

A Of course. As a smaller business, our reputation is the very life blood of our business.
In addition to standard manufacturer’s warranty, we offer personal guarantees that our work will be up to the standard demanded by our customers, and in most cases will exceed this.

Q. Can Belfast Security Systems install a monitored alarm system?

A Yes. Monitored alarm systems are connected to a dedicated alarm service centre which monitors your system 24/7. Generally there is a separate contract charge to the monitoring company (BSS does not do the actual monitoring) for this service. If an alarm is activated, they will contact you, or another nominated person and, where applicable, the police.

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Q: What happens if the power goes out, will my alarm remain active?

A Most likely, yes it will. Most alarms (and ALL of those which we install), have battery backup which will power the system for up to 8 hours (depending on the battery), in the event of a mains electricity failure.

Q. How long will an installation take?

A Of course, as you may imagine, this depends on many things, including number of components, system size and complexity, property size, and many other factors,so it is impossible to say here.  Typically though, using a standard three bedroom domestic project as an example, installation will take a day.
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Q: Can I have an alarm system and pets?

A Yes of course. We have a wide range of PIR sensors for almost every condition, to reduce the risk of false alarms caused by pets.

Q: Does an alarm actually act as a deterrent?

A Yes it does, even the police say an alarm is an effective deterrent