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Gate Accessories and Components

Belfast Security Systems provides gate automation solutions both residential and commercial customers. We supply automated gate systems, intercoms, bollards, booms and various other components and accessories.

These are supplied and installed to all areas of the country.

Our installation and maintenance services, as well as all our products and accessories can be ordered online.

Everything you need for automatic electric gates

We supply and fit a wide range of electric automation products including electric gate openers for swing gates and sliding gates plus aluminium swing gates and aluminium sliding gates, and comprehensive ranges of access control
systems, remote controls, automatic barriers and bollards, and much more.

Specialists on these products and automatic garage doors, accessories and electric gate and garage door remote controls are available to answer your technical questions. They are experienced and knowledgable in areas including
specification, site assessment, safety, installation, set-up, trouble-shooting, remote re-programing and much more.

Contact us if you have any questions, or if you need help tracking down the right electric openers, spares or parts for automatic electric gates. We have what you need for any gate automation, or we can locate it and get it to you as quickly as possible.

We also continuously analyse and test new automatic gate openers and automation equipment for its suitability, reliability and longevity.

As we developed from an electrical company which installed automatic electric gates, we completely understand our customers’ needs and the difficulties faced when searching for the right electric gate openers for each job.

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Automatic electric gates installer trade benefits

We have many services available for trade customers so if you’re an installer of automation openers, a security specialist, landscaper or similar and could benefit from including automatic electric gate and garage door systems in your services, contact us toreceive special discounts and training on the installation and repair of electric automatic gates and related safety procedures.


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Sliding Gates

We stock many electric gate accessories, additional electic gate keyfobs and remote controls are our most popular electric gate accessories. Electric gate safety edges are a great safety feature. The safety edge fits along the edge of
your gate. When the edge comes into contact with an obstruction, the gate will reverse its position. Electric gate safety around kids and pets is a key concern. Safety beams and photocells offer protection and control to trigger or
prevent a gate from closing..

We also have loop detectors which are installed underneath your electric gate creating a miniature (invisible) magnetic induction field. What this means is that when a car passes over this area, its presence is detected and the gate
can be triggered to open. A stop device can be used to limit electric gate movement and lock to either open or closed.

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video-intercoms-small-webIntercom Systems

We supply and fit a vast range of intercom systems, ranging from audio only, through audio / video and smart processor controlled intercoms which can be operated from your smart phones or tablets within the building.

These are typically configured such that the gate can be operated remotely from within the building..........  

However....... it can also be configured such that the gate can be operated remotely from anywhere, even interstate or overseas. So if someone needs access and hasn't got a key or code etc, the gate can be opened remotely, even when no-one is in the building.

Would this be a typical requirement????  Of course not, but it does go to show the level of technology which can be applied to these systems, and while the use for such advanced systems is not great, the need does indeed exist.

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 Parts & Accessories

It almost goes without saying that we supply a great range of the obvious parts and accessories for maintenance and operation, such as:

  • * remote controls
  • * motors
  • * rails
  • * guides
  • * etc... the list is endless

 But as well supplying, installing and servicing all manufacturers products, Belfast Security Systems also provide various accessories to enhance the usefulness and appeal of your gates.

Lighting, House signs & Letterboxes

dummy-blank-imageLighting is just one example of this. Good lighting is essential for safety and security. From coach lamps to contemporary LEDs, we have a fantastic range of lighting to enhance your gates and welcome your guests.

Ideally, your choice of lighting should be made at the initial planning stages – that way we can ensure that we cable correctly.

We can fit a wide variety of house signs and numbers in materials from slate to ceramic, brass to wood, and of course, we can fit letterboxes etc.

We can mount your letterbox on the gate itself, or on the piers or posts.

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