Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Belfast Security Systems offer a range of preventative scheduled service and maintenance plans and programs, designed to ensure that your security systems are always operating at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Scheduled inspections, testing and maintenance of your security system is essential to maintain maximum security protection. Service and maintenance programs include:

  • Control panel testing
  • Power supply testing
  • Detection device testing
  • Remote and wireless device testing
  • Battery replacement programs
  • Wiring and conduit testing
  • Equipment register maintenance
  • Service record maintenance
  • Maintenance of system CAD drawings
  • Software audits and upgrades
  • System setting audits
  • CCTV system testing
  • CCTV camera setting adjustment, cleaning and testing

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Security Alarms Hardwired Bells Only - 12 monthly service

Hardwired alarm bells only - 12 monthly service


Security Alarms Wireless Bells Only - 12 monthly service

Wireless Security Alarms - 12 monthly service (Bells only)


Fire Site Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment


Security Site Survey (Free Service)

BSS Provide this as a service to our clients and the community in general.