Commercial CCTV

commercial cctv systems

Commercial CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

Belfast Security Systems provide a maintenance service for your business CCTV System.

Protecting your business by keeping your premises secure is a key element of your business operations.
All security systems continue to grow in technological sophistication, and Belfast Security Systems keep up with this rate of change, thus providing the ability to assist our clients in maintaining and enhancing their commercial security with any relevant current innovations.

Our services are fast, efficient, competent, and available at a reasonable price, from the most budget conscious, to the highest level of sophistication and variety of price points.
Whether you are interested in commercial CCTV, surveillance, access control, fire prevention systems or other security, we have the required experience to design an automated business security system to fit your needs.

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The theft of any equipment not only impacts performance, but can put a company at a significant financial loss. While traditional intrusion systems offer a degree of protection, CCTV solutions allow business owners and administrators to monitor their site in real time. Full motion sensors can be installed to track movements of persons in a certain area. Most modern cameras can capture high-resolution images which allow you to easily identify trespassers, and the video can be recorded to DVR as a record for ploice and other investigators, including insurers.
Consequently, in the event of an intrusion, a CCTV solution provides a solid basis for both the apprehension of intruders and also supporting evidence in the event of insurance claims.

Keyless Entry

Multi-point touch screens, decorative keypads or door card swipes, incorporating one of these keyless entry systems means security and means of access to authorised persons in the event of emergency access when keys are not available (either misplaced or forgotten).

If an employee for any reason neglects to lock the door, a smartphone or other internet-enabled device may be used to lock it, even when far away from the premises, ensuring your facility stays safe and secure.
The opposite is also true, in that the door can be open remotely where access is required by staff, emergency services etc.

Tiered Access

Not all members of your team need access every part of your facility at every time. Whether it is the repairman, a cleaning crew or employees doing the night shift, you can set individual access codes to work only during the hours they are expected to be on the premises. Individual access codes and keys also allow you to monitor what times employees leave and enter the building.

Total Business Automation

Integrated business security systems can let you check in and monitor your entire facility. With remote monitoring systems for smoke, fire, and access, youcan consistently be alerted regarding various “actions” identified by the security camera, motion sensor, or other device. if required, many of these systems can premit you to receive a text alert access, security or emergency events occur.

Belfast Security Systems makes protecting your business simple on any budget. Our goal is to provide friendly, professional serviceand automated security features for all large or small businesses throughout Belfast and the whole country.

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CCTV Surveillance Systems General Information

CCTV systems offer added security for your team plus surveillance of your premises for further investigation after an incident. The camera system can be linked to a bank of monitors and recording equipment that can operate 24 hours a day or during specific times.

We utilise the latest technology for the supply and installation of digital closed circuit television (CCTV), with digital video recording systems for security and surveillance.

These systems can be installed as covert or overt surveillance systems always meeting the Standards requirements and regulations.

With the enhancements in internet technology providing remote access option, CCTV is now a common request by our clients who wish to have peace of mind that their business is protected at all times.

Belfast Security Systems also has the capability of structuring your CCTV system so that it can be remotely accessed by our control room personnel in the event of an alarm activation, providing immediate feedback and confirmation of any level of unauthorised access.

Why you should have a Surveillance Camera System

There are many reasons to consider investing in CCTV Systems .

  • Crime deterrant
  • Work Place Health and Safety requirements
  • Staff productivity
  • Verify Alarms
  • Reduce Theft internally and externally

What type of Surveillance Camera System should I get?

Purchasing a CCTV System is a significant investment choosing the right system is paramount!

These systems are designed for residential and small business applications.

These systems are designed for business that needs reliability and premium performance

  • Hotels
  • Clubs
  • Professional businesses


These systems are designed for mission critical applications

  • City safe systems
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Business


These systems are designed for observation of remote sites

  • Home
  • Holiday house
  • Building sites
  • Farms

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